Fall Training Program Update

We got some feedback from a few people and decided to make a slight change which should hopefully benefit more people. We will combine the 4th graders with the 5/6 group and move them to Tuesdays. 7/8 will now be on Wednesdays and we’re adding a HS JV (9/10) group to the Thursday slot.

Grades 4/5/6 – Tuesdays Starting @ 6 pm

Grades 7/8 – Wednesdays Starting @ 6 pm

Grades 9/10 – Thursdays Starting @ 6 pm

  • 1 Hour Training Session
  • $100 per player
  • Groups of 8-10 Players
  • Gloves, Sticks & Helmets with face-shield or mask required
  • 20 Minutes – Offensive drills
  • 20 Minutes – Defensive drills
  • 20 Minutes – Chumash Scrimmage
  • USBOXLA Membership Required

Membership Registration

Grab your spring/summer teammates and signup today!!

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