Who’s In?

Can we get 8-10 kids to form a squad in each age group from each of the spring rec programs?

It’s certainly not out of the question, but we do need kids to sign up.

Oregon Box Lacrosse is here to help the rec programs maintain their numbers and keep kids interested in Lacrosse. We have said it before, and we’ll keep saying it. We believe that box lacrosse is the most efficient and beneficial way to develop a player’s skills.

Our fall training program is a perfect introduction to the game of Box Lacrosse. It will challenge all levels of players and teach kids both offence and defense. With a round of Chumash at the end of every session kids will be able to take the skills they learned and put them into effect immediately.

Get together with your teammates and form your own squad of 8-10 players and sign up today!


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