Late Fall Training Program 4/5/6 grade group – Monday’s starting at 5:00 7/8 grade group – Wednesday’s starting at 5:00 HS (all grades) group – Friday’s starting at 5:00 1 Hour Training Session $120 for 6 weeks $20 for reversible jersey through Team Unis Groups of 8-10 Players Pads, Sticks & Helmets with face-shield or mask required 40Continue reading “Late Fall Training Program”

Why Youth Box Lacrosse?

Of US Box Lacrosse Association’s nearly 25,000 members, most play at the youth level. Prior to USBOXLA forming in 2010, few if any youth in the US were playing what could be described as real box lacrosse. More youth are playing legitimate, safe, and structured box lacrosse under USBOXLA’s guidance and support than ever inContinue reading “Why Youth Box Lacrosse?”

Return to Play

Oregon Box Lacrosse COVID-19 Return to Play We are asking that our board, coaches, players, and families follow these guidelines. Club Responsibilities ● Adopt a Return to Play plan, submit to any party as required; share with coaches, players and parents; and post on our website. ● Adopt the US Lacrosse Waiver/Release for Communicable DiseasesContinue reading “Return to Play”


We start with our 4/5/6 group today! Hopefully you received the email from the Plex PDX and are just as excited to get started today as we are. For our 7/8 group, you will start off tomorrow as we adjusted the schedule slightly with Wednesdays as your training day. Remember to be there early enoughContinue reading “LET’S GET THIS STARTED!!!”