LeagueSide survey results for youth sports return to play.
In early July, LeagueSide surveyed our national network of leagues and youth sports parents to learn about how 700 leagues and parents were approaching return to play. Here’s what we found:

1. 30% of youth sports organizations across the country are still at risk of shutting down due to COVID-19, while this is down from 47% in April, it’s still a significant number.

2. 53.3% of Spring leagues resumed play, but only 23.1% of those that have resumed have resumed with full play.

3. Of those that have not resumed play: 21.5% expected to resume this Summer, 58.5% expect to resume in Fall 2020, and 7.7% are suspended indefinitely.

4. Actions taken as a result of COVID: 29.5% of leagues cut programs, 26.2% cut scholarships or financial aid for players, 20.5% cut staff, 4.1% merged with another league, 63.9% cut other costs.

5. The most cited new league policies for returning to play are:

Social distancing (84.6%)
Restrict sharing of equipment (79.2%)
Sanitizing equipment frequently (77.7%)
Restrict spectators at practices/games (69.2%)
Hand sanitizer or hand washing stations (63.8%)
Temperature checks before games (50.0%)
Require audience to wear face masks (43.1%)
Require participants to wear face masks (28.5%)
No policies (7.7%)

6. 80.2% of parents said they WILL let their kids play youth sports if they begin throughout the summer – 90.4% if they begin in the fall

7. 86.5% of parents expect to receive a refund on their registration fee if a season was cancelled due to COVID

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