Why Youth Box Lacrosse?

Of US Box Lacrosse Association’s nearly 25,000 members, most play at the youth level. Prior to USBOXLA forming in 2010, few if any youth in the US were playing what could be described as real box lacrosse. More youth are playing legitimate, safe, and structured box lacrosse under USBOXLA’s guidance and support than ever in the country’s history. 

Why should you play USBOXLA sanctioned box lacrosse?

As everyone has seen both on a national and collegiate level, players with a box lacrosse background have a clear advantage over field lacrosse players who have never played indoors. Box lacrosse forces players to:

  • Make quick decisions under pressure
  • Shoot and pass more accurately
  • Improve footwork and overall speed
  • Maneuver with and without the ball in traffic
  • Develop both offensive and defensive skills
  • Generate optimal scoring opportunities
  • Play an effective multi-man game (i.e. picks)
  • Become smarter and more physical
  • Constantly be engaged due to far fewer game stoppages
  • Generate space away from the play
  • Be more creative while generating offensive opportunities with and without the ball
  • And most importantly… have fun!


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