Oregon Box Lacrosse Update

Not changing direction but finding a way to move forward.

While we can’t go full box lacrosse games yet, we can at least start teaching kids the ins and outs of the game.

Starting in September, we’re going to run a 6 week, once day each week program. Squads of 8-10 kids by age group, will rotate through 3 stations each lasting 20 mins. Station 1 will start out learning defensive skills. From there the squad will move to station 2 while a new squad comes in to station 1. At station 2 squads will learn about the offensive side and continue to build their stick skills. After that 20 minute session, the squad moves over to the smaller field to play a round of Chumash using the skills they learned to finish off the day, while the next squad rotates in. We will run one age group a day to allow for as many players to get signed up as possible.

Should be tons of fun and very informative!!

Stay tuned for more info and registration!

The health and safety of the kids is top priority and we are following the states policies and procedures.

Players & Coaches will check in and have their temperature taken and follow the Covid-19 procedures set by the state and the Plex PDX at all times.

We will require all players to install face shields or wear a mask during training. Face shields can be purchased through our partners at Lacrosse Wolf and Epoch Lacrosse. Coaches will be wearing masks at all times as well.

Gloves, Short Sticks (NO Long Poles!), Gloves and Mouth guards are required. We may go full pads in the back half of the program. Rib pads are highly suggested and can also be purchased through our partners.

Girl’s are encouraged to sign up as well. We will try to create a squad or more at each age group of all girls. You will need to gear up like the boys for it but we would love to have you come out for this.

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