Why Box Lacrosse?

It’s simple really.  The smaller field and boards keep the ball in play and raise the amount of touches each player gets (5 times or more).  Players also have to play both offence and defense so they do not specialize in one position.  All of this raises the play and skill level of kids much faster than the outdoor game can, and those skills translate to the larger field game and several other sports.

The other reason to play box lacrosse is that more and more college coaches are looking for players with box experience.  They know the tight spaces and speed of the box game benefits every player, and in-turn benefits their program.

Why are we starting box lacrosse in Oregon, and what is the goal?

Box lacrosse programs are starting up across the country, and you can see right away the programs that do play box at just about any tournament.  On top of that, we see box lacrosse as a great way to get more kids playing lacrosse more regularly.  Right now the spring rec programs are working hard to bring more kids into their programs and teach them the sport of lacrosse.  Once the season ends in June only a handful of kids go on the play summer lacrosse.  Much of this has to do with price and skills.  Those that have the skills may not be able to spend the money it takes to play travel lacrosse in the summer.  Then there are the kids who have just started out and simply need a little more time to build their skill level.  Right now there is nothing for those players so they are forced to wait till a spring rec program does an open training session or until the next season starts months and months later.  How can we expect the sport to grow if there are no options for all kids to play? 

Oregon Box Lacrosse wants to be the program that gives all kids the opportunity to keep playing lacrosse so they can get better, and not have to spend a lot of money or travel to do so.  We want every kid that is interested in lacrosse to be able to play and grow as athletes so they have the option to keep playing because of choice not circumstance.

So why 3v3 Chumash?

Of course we’d love to have been able to jump right into this summer with box lacrosse starting up right away.  Unfortunately, we are not able to do that, but we still know that getting kids the opportunity to play is paramount.  That is why we started up the 3v3 Chumash program so kids can get some form of competition, and create a program that newer players could build upon their skills and get plenty of touches on the ball.  Once we are able to, we will move forward with box lacrosse and we can’t wait to see everyone padded up and ready to go!

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