Signature Lacrosse Wall Ball

Dhane Smith Box Lacrosse Wall Ball Warm Up

Signature Pro Dhane Smith is a frequent flyer on the stat sheet of the Buffalo Bandits, the Chaos Lacrosse Club, and Team Canada. His soft hands and ability to control his stick in traffic has made him a menace at the professional level. Below, Dhane shares his lacrosse wall ball warm up for box lacrosse that keeps his hands sharp before lacrosse training, practice, and games. You can always catch Dhane using a Signature Complete Universal lacrosse stick of a Signature Contract lacrosse head and Signature Player lacrosse shaft. Dhane loves the stiffness, lightness, and consistency of his Signature Complete Universal lacrosse stick, and that’s why it’s always his choice when he’s stepping onto the field or hitting the wall.

Ryland Rees Lacrosse Wall Ball Training Routine

Signature Pro Ryland Rees knows that defenders need to be able to handle to rock too, and his lacrosse wall ball training routine is guaranteed to whip you into shape. As a member of the Rochester Knighthawks, Waterdogs Lacrosse Club, and Team Canada, Ryland has shown that he’s a world class lacrosse player with a short stick and a long stick. To be able to play both field and box lacrosse professionally, you need to put in the work on the wall and develop great hands. The lacrosse wall ball routine below is what Ryland uses to get in a quick workout while having fun and improving his stick skills at the same time. And every time Ryland plays wall ball, he uses Signature Premium lacrosse balls that can stand up to the hundreds of reps and still perform consistently.

lacrosse wall ball

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