New to the sport of Box Lacrosse or even Lacrosse?

Below is a list of what you need to get started. There are a ton of options out there and much of it can be pricey, so look around and find what is best for you.

Starting at the top:

Helmets – If you play outdoor then your normal lacrosse helmet will do just fine. Otherwise you can opt to get a “Box” helmet which is just a hockey helmet with a box lacrosse facemask. Check out for tons of options, just make sure they are up-to-date with the certification standards (2016 or newer).

Shoulder pads – Most players will wear their outdoor pads like in the image below. As players get older/more experienced they tend to lighten the load and go with more of the liner style (see image above). This is because the game is less about stick checks and more body to body contact and the arms and sides are where the protection is needed most.

Arm pads – Putting elbow pads and arm guards in this one. The main thing to to make sure your arms are covered from glove to shoulder. Longer elbow pads will take up most of the space then a decent arm-pad that connects to your shoulder pads will do the trick. Epoch Lacrosse has a new set made just for players getting started. Check out STX and Warrior as well. Some players will also add a wrist guard to cover any space between their gloves and elbow pads.

Rib Pads – This is a little more unique to box lacrosse although some field players will wear these as well. These cover and protect your ribs and lower back while you play and while not required, are highly recommended. Maximum Lacrosse has a great set that are inexpensive.

Gloves – Again most players will wear their normal gloves and that works perfectly. There are a couple box lacrosse specific gloves out there that offer up a little extra protection on the backhand. Check out or friends Jukebox Lacrosse for their glove options.

Stick – The main thing here is that there are No D-poles allowed in box. All players must use a shorty (Attack or Middie) stick. There are options for box lacrosse specific shafts from just about everyone out there. Sticks break so make sure to have a back-up ready to go.

Cup – Must have. No cup = No Play

Mouthguard – Same as above. No Mouthguard = No Play

Shoes – New Balance makes a box lacrosse specific shoe which is really nice, but don’t run out and buy them right away. Many players wear basketball shoes which are built to withstand the same forces that happen in box lacrosse. We do play on turf so a turf style shoe is an option as well.

Uniform – When you see box lacrosse for the first time, you’ll notice the players wear hockey style jerseys. This is to cover the padding and keep things from getting hung up. Shorts should not have pockets!

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